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Haffa Defense Consulting - What We Do

  • Analyze aspects of American Defense policy customized to meet your needs: to enhance your understanding of past, present and future U.S. defense policy; to advance a particular professional or business interest;or, to gain competitive edge.
  • Author documents, journal articlesor opinion-editorial pieces advocating a particular position based on sound analysis and understanding of the defense policy environment.
  • Draft high-level conceptual documents, such as a CEO strategic vision, that characterizes the security environment, suggests business opportunities and risks, and makes plausible projections regarding the future course of American defense policy and budgets.
  • Speak to your academic, professional or business group on important trends in U.S. Defense policy as they relate to your interests and industry
  • Assist in the planning for your enterprise by conducting roundtables or table-top scenario/alternative futures exercises to enable the consideration of events that may diverge from straight-line projections, with concomitant implications for your business strategy.
  • Provide research and White Papers to assist in any aspect where analysis of U.S. defense policy is essential.